meet the team

Courtney Givens, Owner

A born multi-tasker and task master, Courtney skillfully manages all of our projects and creative talent, which she dutifully tracks in her colorful notebooks with a complex color coded system only she and her French Bulldog, Cooper, can decipher.

A typical day for Courtney includes coffee with her cream, checking in with project managers, writing up an agreement for a new client, and reeling in a few new ones. When she’s not chasing down details or making a new list, Courtney is chasing her Mini Bull Terrier Lucy around the yard (you would think the Prozac would slow her down – Lucy, not Courtney!) Courtney loves road trips, playing with her food, high maintenance pets, vintage martini shakers, and she thinks the smell of smoked meat is sexy.

Over the past 20 years, Courtney has become a trusted asset to corporate and nonprofit clients alike. Clients like the Mt. Hood Community College Foundation, NW Battle Buddies, Rose Villa Senior Living and countless others, all of whom seem to appreciate her unique, entrepreneurial point of view. And her chocolate martinis.

Erin Smiley, Project Manager

Erin can talk a dog off a wagon… all while coordinating extraordinary events, advocating for local non-profits, orchestrating transportation for kiddos and eating a Burgerville Cheeseburger on the run.  When she is not wrangling events, you can find her with her wicked forehand on the tennis court or at your local park with Maggie, her crazy Border Collie/Lab making friends.

What completes Erin?  Her entertaining, goofy and adorable family.  David, Baby Giraffe, Ethanator and all the crazy critters including the nine months of naughty, Miss Maggie and disgruntled kitties; Watson and Moriarity. Her claim to fame is her oldest son receiving extra credit from his Biology teacher for knowing all the names of the Beastie Boys…that type of education is priceless.

Erin’s success comes through the ability to find humor in situations and that every situation lends itself to something funny.  “Hey, our volunteers are making out, that’s a first”.  With her 10+ years of recruiting, nothing seems to rattle her as she saddles up for each adventure that simple pleasures events throws at her!

Kristin Stockton, Project Manager

A Kate Spade addict who loves all things glitter, Kristin is the “fluffy” one here at simple pleasures events.  A proud graduate of WSUV {GO COUGS!}, Kristin graduated with a bachelors in Personnel Psychology and Human Resources Management, with a minor in Business Administration….her plans for world domination growing ever closer!  Her sidekick is her nine-year-old son named Charles, who is so full of life and energy. He plans to be a chef during the day, police officer at night, and singer on the weekends – basically an overachieving multi-tasker like his mom!   Kristin enjoys turning the ugly into pretty, the mundane into fabulous and the monotonous into an entertaining endeavor. When not working or shuttling her son, Kristin enjoys indulging in her love of all things shark, polka dots and shoes – never forget the shoes!!