what we do

simple, adj. 1: clarity of form and thought; 2: having only one main cause 

pleasure, noun 1: a source of delight or joy

With over twenty years’ experience in private industry and non-profits, simple pleasures events can organize and plan any event at any destination you desire.  Whether your next event is two people, 200 or 20,000, simple pleasures events can help you coordinate every aspect.

Our main objective is to offer the highest productivity and increase your bottom line results.  simple pleasures events specializes in a comprehensive, cross-discipline approach to meeting special functions of any size and caliber.  When we customize an event, you can expect personalized attention and services that cater to your specific budget, desires, and needs.  simple pleasures events has the expertise and the flexibility – whether it’s working with formal processes of corporate events, volunteers and staff of non-profits, or a special occasion private event.

Our team of professionals possess an unparalleled commitment in bringing you innovative concepts that will leave an unforgettable impression on you and your guests. We design, plan and produce events that provide impact and inspiration while achieving your organization or individual goals. We promise an event to remember, after all if your event isn’t a success, neither are we!